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Eat 'n Park

Summersville, WV

Call Now: (681) 355-0267

Hot dogs have been around for as long as anyone can remember. An American favorite, hot dogs are one of the best food to eat on the go or as a snack. Buns in Summersville has been serving up some of the best hot dogs in the area for many years. We serve handmade 100% beef hot dogs that are served on the fluffiest buns.

Our hot dogs can be had with any number of toppings, from just simply mustard, to traditional combinations of mustard, onions and slaw, or chilli and cheese. We offer several specialty hot dogs and sandwiches such as the Mob Dog, which features Italian meatballs, and the Bird Dog which has grilled chicken breast. These delicious hot dogs offer a unique combination of flavors through amazing toppings.

Buns is located near the best white water rafting rivers in West Virginia. Our customers usually come to us after a great day of white water rafting and are always satisfied with the food filling their hungry stomachs. Our cooks and staff are well trained in excellent customer service. Come over to Buns today for a delicious American staple.

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